Welcome at Out Of Time, the Cornish Rex Cattery

We are Marc and Bettina, together with our dogs we are the personnel of our Cornish rex cats.
The love for the breed started with our first si-rex female :

Cookie’s Story Bacara ( Blizz from Blizzard).
We breed from time to time a litter out of  deliberate combinations.

Our kittens grow up in our house.
We have an intrest in our kittens growing up with a lot of love and attention so they will become well balanced cats.

Only people who can offer them a loving home will get the chance to order a kitten.

If you don’t like a cat that forces himself in the center of the attention, follows you everywhere, speaks to you, opens the doors just to be able to be with you, sticks on your body, kisses you, adores you endlessly, drinks out of the glasses of your visitors, races through your living room, teases the dogs, acts like a clown, has a big appetite, steels your cloths and sponges, drinks from the tap, preferably sleeps under the covers in your bed and conducts oneself rather like a dog than a cat, do yourself a favour and do not get yourself a Cornish rex !!!
But if the above will do for you and much more fun than this “Peter Pan among the cats” is the ideal ”boss” for you.

Our kittens leave us between 12 and 14 weeks vaccinated and vermifuged.
They all have a pedigree.